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Solar winds, created by solar flare ups on the sun, are in their first year of the 11-year cycle trending up. Major physiological impact is in the field of cardiology, psychiatry and migraine conditions . Myocardial infarcts (heart attacks) follow these flare-up patterns and extensive research indicates a strong correlation between solar activity and psychiatric illnesses and migraine attacks.

Solar Wind
GREEN: low solar wind – minimal effect
YELLOW: moderate solar wind – modest physical & atmospheric effects
RED: high solar winds – significant health effects

GlobalAgMedWeather™ (GAMW) – its Roots

Man, weather & husbandry have a tongue-cheek relationship that goes back through the eons.

What affects man, affects every living thing around him. Weather-health relationships have grown on the strong back of empirical and long recorded data. Today, with the help of science and the shrinking globe information-wise, data is being gathered that brings man-husbandry-weather into a closer, more understandable whole.

GlobalAgMedWeather™ is designed to provide the global population with daily weather forecasts that connect the dots of weather to medical conditions and at the same time, expand on issues of biometeorology and bioclimatology to get a grasp on how weather predictions can simultaneously improve conditions for man and husbandry.

GAMW™ forecasts cover half of the earth’s population through pinpoint meteorological observations at 165 sites throughout the globe (3.2 billion people) and over 95% of the world’s basic agricultural and livestock growing areas.

In addition to the daily forecasting, all data is archived for future research purposes in all fields – human physiology and animal husbandry.

Uldrich-Integris Media Inc., in tandem with the Augsburg College (MN) Computer Science Laboratory, has been forecasting global data since March of 2008. Click on “Learn More About Us” and then to our PDF on our Internationally known consultants.

UIM Forecasts are available to media, medical, military & institutions as syndicated services. Contact


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